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Why We Love Sororities? (And You Should, Too!)

November 4, 2020 by admin_fb

It’s no secret why so many girls want to belong to a sorority: the sisterhood, the parties, the interaction with fraternities. There’s no doubt that those things are all an awesome part of belonging to a sorority, but there’s so much more to sorority life than what you see in the movies.

While you are making lasting memories and living out your college life like you’ve always dreamed, sorority life is actually a great way to break into the “”real world.”” To name just a few, members have the opportunity to lead, participate in event planning, and make lasting connections with other members past and present.


Most sororities participate in many areas of campus life, including student government. This tendency to jump in and get involved in the running of the member’s school will undoubtedly cultivate a desire to lead in the community after college.

Philanthropy, or charity work, is another area that members are exposed to, and from which leadership opportunities arise. Raising money for a cause can be extremely rewarding. Members often build an impressive list of skills while contributing to great community organizations, but they very often don’t realize how valuable the experience is because they are too busy having a great time.

Everyone loves a good party, and sorority girls know how to throw them better than anyone else! It’s hardly a stretch to say that event planning can be a helpful bullet on your first resume.

It could even be the point of your first post-college job. Even if event planning isn’t in your career plan, working with vendors, budgets, and marketing your event are certainly skills that any future employer will recognize as valuable. Any edge over the competition is useful.

Perhaps the most recognized advantage of sorority life is the social network that is built. It’s amazing to belong to a super group of girls who lead you through the challenge of navigating a campus that may be a bit overwhelming, but even more than that, the relationships that are created can last a lifetime. Many sorority members say that they maintain relationships regardless of career paths or life situations.

It’s always handy to be able to pick up the phone and talk to a friendly voice, or even reach out for potential job opportunities or advice. The network extends even further than the girls currently on campus. Past sorority members often mentor current ones, and you never know when the individual interviewing you for your dream job just might share your passion for Greek!

That’s why we love Sororities !

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