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If you are attending a fraternity or sorority event, one of the questions that you should ask is what is the dress code for the Virginia Beach Fraternity Formal? In some cases the answer is obvious. In other cases you may not be sure and need to do some additional research.

You can expect formal events to have specific guidelines and policies. Many times a pledge will be expected to follow those policies. The Washington Post published an article about some of the policies at some of the sororities in the Washington, D.C. area. One of the questions asked in the article was about what dress code would be followed at the Virginia Beach Fraternity Formal.

The answer for formal events is that you can expect to wear formal clothing. The policy on this is that the evening gown must be white and the corset and dress must be white as well. Some of the membership will choose to allow for other colors of dresses, but they must match the guidelines set forth above. Even if you go to a spring bash that is focused on a different color, the policy remains the same.

The dress code for sororities is much more loose than that for fraternities. They may specify that at most formal parties, you are allowed to wear a casual look. However, any clothing you wear to these parties must follow the dress code for the formal event you are attending. It is also important to note that anyone wearing black can expect to be told to remove the attire so the attendee does not inadvertently dress inappropriately.

At formal events you may be required to attend a pre-party ceremony with all members present. In many cases the brothers will want to conduct a short interview with each person that is going to attend the evening party. In the interview the brothers will want to know about the origin of the woman that will be attending the event. If she does not come from a member of the organization the interview will be more informal.

The dress code for the night will be similar to that for the formal events, with the only difference being that the dress code applies to you as well. The only exception to this is that you are required to wear a shirt. The shirts can be different than the ones the gentlemen wear but they will still be shirts. There is a lot of variation that has been seen in terms of what the proper shirts are worn with during the evening.

During the evening event, if you are a female member of the organization it is expected that you will be wearing high heels. No matter what the event is you are required to wear flats or boots. As for jewelry you are required to wear a necklace and a bracelet. You will be asked about whether or not you are wearing earrings or a tiara.

If you want to join a fraternity or sorority and want to go to a formal event, you should know what the dress code is. Whether you are attending a fundraiser or just going to an evening event, you are expected to be properly dressed.

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