An Exclusive Offer For 75+ Man Fraternities

Formal Builder VIP The Most Exclusive Chapter Sponsorship Ever.

VIP Chapters Recieve These Crazy Awesome Benifits!

$5,000 worth of Hookups!
* Zero Down-Formal Deposit

3 Free Formals!

Yup! You and 2 other brothers and their dates get a free formal!

FREE VIP room upgrade for Chapter President + 3 others

Be the one everone wants to be best friends with, we make you the absolute 🐐 of the party!

Greek Legacy Podcast Interview

Are we Live? Mic Check! We want to interview your President for our Sponsor.


First access to the Formalbuilder.com booking platform

Roll out access to any new features added to the platform

Resume Boost

Face it, being competitive in the job market means adding more than just a degree to your CV. Let us help with a great letter of reccomendation from our CEO + a link to your Greek Legacy Podcast Interview!

1 on 1 VIP Concierge Service

You'll recieve your very own VIP concierge to ensure your chapter and dates get the best experience possible!

VIP Bottle Service!

Roll out the red carpet and get ready to pop some bottles!

Best Hotel & Venues Guarenteed! 

We give the best for the best. Our VIP Chapters get our exclusive Hotel & Venue options to your chapter +lock you into the lowest price!

How Does It Work?

  • We Qualify and Interview Your Chapter.
  • Our Staff Makes A Final Decision
  • If Chosen, an Exec Member or Chair From the Chapter is chosen as the VIP Campus Rep
    (VIP Rep Get's some sweet perks too)$$$

What Is Required of Each Chapter?

  • Use Formal Builder Services
  • Deliver Campus Greek Life Information
  • Beta Test and Give Feedback of Formal Builders New Tech

Who Qualifies?

  • 75+ Man Chapters
  • Must Plan a Weekend Formal
  • Strong University Greek System
  • VIP Chapter Representative (point of contact) Must Be an Exec Member or Elected Formal/Social Chair

VIP Chapters Will Beta Test our Patent Pending Formal Builder Technolgy!

Formal Builder VIP is An Exclusive offer for 75+ Man Fraternities

Customer Success

Over 2,500 Formals Planned Since 2009!

"FormalBuilder really made our Fall Formal the best it could’ve been!"

Tom H.Tom H.ΣΦE, Sacramento State University

"FormalBuilder will give you the most epic formal experience your chapter has ever had! Girls will be begging to be your date!"

Jack S.Jack S.VCU, PIKE

"FormalBuilder made it very easy to plan our Formal. Everything went very smooth!"

Eric F.Eric F.ΠKT University of Florida

Claim Your VIP Chapter Experience

Formal Builder VIP is An Exclusive offer for 75+ Man Fraternities

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