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Use Dues Payment Incentives To Keep The Chapter Going

November 3, 2020 by admin_fb

When fraternity and sorority members have to pay their dues every year, those dues go to a lot of different things. However, it can be difficult to convince people that paying their dues on time is a good idea.

The Greek Life can lend itself to a care-free attitude, but every college student knows an incentive when they see one. Starting a payment incentive program for chapter dues will help the chapter to keep itself in good standing with the national office, get all events paid for the year and provide financial stability for the chapter.


A payment incentive program on a college campus can range from free food (which everyone loves) to a choice of rooms in the fraternity or sorority house. However, there must be enough incentives for everyone to pay their dues on time.

While some people may benefit from a choice of room, others may win special prizes purchased by the chapter or free meals. The incentives chosen by the chapter board should be geared towards what people in their chapter like.

sorority dollars

Without one of these programs, the chapter could lose money for the balance of the school year and leave the chapter board answering questions to the national office. Not only will a payment incentive system for dues get everyone to pay on time, but it will help the stressed out chapter board to handle the chapter’s finances while also dealing with their classes and social lives.

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