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There are many fascinating choices for birthdays or anniversaries in the United States. One of the popular choices, the Tybee Island Fraternity Formal, can make a wonderful gift for any person celebrating any occasion on the island.

The people of Tybee Island are known for their craftsmanship and passion for building homes. These 2 aspects are reflected in the great traditions of the Fraternity. The Fraternity is comprised of nine families, each with their own way of building and living in the island. All of the families built their homes to an exacting standard.

Each family follows a different level of detail for their homes and each house is unique from the next. They have defined the family level of craftsmanship.

Tradition is always a big part of the culture of the island, including the weddings. One of the traditions, which was started by the Prowers family and has continued, is the wedding toaster. The bride holds her hand over the toaster, indicating that she will be keeping the toast warm if the toast is answered correctly.

The traditional ceremony at the reception for a Tybee Island Fraternity Formal is to ask the bride to dance to the wedding music and then to show her a slice of cake made from one of the nine special islands. After the toast is given, the groom and his guests take the special cake from the bride’s hand and eat it in her presence. The bride’s hands hold a small piece of the cake that has been made from the special island.

Once everyone has had their turn, everyone splits into pairs, and one family member serves as “host” to the other. This ceremony is traditionally held in the family home. Many family members then offer to host the ceremony in their own homes or in a nearby location.

The traditions for a wedding vary depending on the culture of the family, but this tradition is very well known on the island. The bride and groom each take a small loaf of bread and cut a slice out of it. They then eat the slices from their own hands.

If there is a question at any point about the toast, the bride or groom will take a small piece of bread and ask the special guest to respond. If someone in the group fails to answer correctly, the toast will go out. This custom continues throughout the wedding.

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