Kyle Godwin

As a Fraternity president and extracurricular leader myself, I must say that FormalBuilder is one of the most organized, helpful and entertaining companies I’ve ever worked with. Anyone in Greek life can tell you that it is extremely difficult to organize a large formal when dealing with several 18-22 year old college men and women – FormalBuilder solved that problem and made everything easy for us. Every single person who attended NAU Sigma Chi’s Fall 2012 formal in Las Vegas, Nevada has said that this past weekend was the best weekend they’ve ever had in their college career. The rooms were great, the penthouse was breathtaking and the DJ was awesome. Thank you Mike Olivas and everyone at FormalBuilder who made my life easy and gave 120+ of my closest friends a weekend to remember for the rest of our lives. We will definitely be going through FormalBuilder again next fall and passing the word onto other Greek organizations around the country.