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Best Recruitment Tips That Get Results

November 4, 2020 by admin_fb

Getting the right people to join your sorority takes planning. Successful sororities often train members for a year on things like appearance, etiquette and conversation techniques.

That’s because the right sorority recruitment practices are very important. It helps to secure the future of the sorority. But recruiting the right type and amount of people can be challenging. It requires an understanding of what your sorority has to offer and who can best benefit from it. Recruitment also requires effective strategies. The following tips may help.

Recruitment Tips

First, you must decide what makes your sorority successful, unique and enjoyable then promote your brand. Prepare talking points to highlight your sorority’s positive attributes.

Be sure recruiters dress appropriately when they deal with recruits. This should be discussed as part of their training. The recruit’s dress will also provide a hint as to whether or not they’re right for your sorority. Let them know you see their talents and know the sorority can help them to grow and they can play a role in helping the sorority to improve.

Show them a presentation of some of the most significant projects you have done and a list of noteworthy upcoming events. Listen to their questions and concerns and answer them honestly and positively.

Don’t make them feel they have to rush their decision, but make them aware they’ll be missing excellent opportunities for growth if they delay. Point out the lifelong benefits of membership. Show them how their interests can find expression and support through the organization. Be sure to get their contact information to provide them with more information if they show interest.

Talk about some of the fun activities in which the sorority engages. This helps them to understand the members are well-rounded. Invite them to social gatherings where they can meet other members and begin to build relationships. Give them some personal attention.

Make them aware in word and deed what the expectations for members are. Help them to understand your sorority is one of the most prestigious women’s organizations on campus and your influence extends into the wider community.

When reaching out to recruits make them aware of the activities you do in which non-members will have an interest. Show them how membership can fill some of their unmet needs and make their lives better.

Point out the things they can find in your sorority and nowhere else on campus. Tell them about the reasons you joined and the things that make you want to remain a member forever.

Ask them about their interests and what things they would like the sorority to help them achieve. Talk to them about how they can take the organization in new directions once they understand the sorority’s overall purpose and aims.

Recruiting new members is vital for the maintenance and growth of any sorority. It’s not something that should be left to chance. If you want your sorority to be vibrant and dynamic, these tips can help you develop an effective recruitment strategy.

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