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Pros & Cons of Dating A Fraternity Guy 2023

November 4, 2020 by seed prod

Making the decision to date a fraternity guy is often a difficult one for sorority members. To help you along, we’ve looked at some of the pros and cons you might run into if you decide you want to be a fraternity girlfriend.

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Pros: Understanding Greek Life

When you date someone outside of Greek life it can be difficult for them to cope with the demands your sorority life puts on you and your sisters. They may feel you don’t make enough time for them or that your sisters are more important than they are.

But if you date a fraternity guy, he already understands. He’s already adjusted to the amount of time his fraternity needs from him and he knows it’s probably about the same time and commitment you give to your sorority.

Con: Potential Narrowing of Your Social Circle

Greek life takes up a lot of time and you may only have a few friends that haven’t gone Greek. When you date someone who is also in Greek life you are closing yourself into an almost exclusively Greek social life.

While there is nothing wrong with spending the majority of your time with your sisters or with your boyfriend’s brothers, you could miss out on what isn’t Greek. Through non Greek friends you might find a club, a group of friends or a sport that you really enjoy. For personal growth, it’s important to consider new activities outside of your comfort zone. And sometimes, that isn’t with a fraternity boyfriend.

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Pro: A Crew of Guy Friends

A fraternity guy’s brothers come as part of the package, period. They aren’t going anywhere, unlike some friends, and they are a huge part of his life. Many fraternity girlfriends are welcomed into the family like another brother would be. With this comes a group of guys that have your back and some great friends to turn to.

Con: Being Enclosed in Greek Culture

Similar to the potential of narrowing your social circle is the fact that you might feel stuck inside the Greek culture. Most of your single life is already taken up by your sorority. When you add in a boyfriend in a fraternity your life becomes more entwined with Greek life.

His Greek functions take up your time as your sorority’s functions do and it might be a stretch for the two of you to find time away from it all. His brothers may be upset if he skips out on going out on a Friday night and your sisters may feel flustered if you miss out on a fundraiser. This can smother your relationship if you aren’t careful.

With a few pros and cons to consider, think over the decision to date a fraternity guy. Greek life is great – but so is life outside of the Greek culture. Take it all into consideration because the aim is to help yourself have one of the best experiences of your college career, no matter who it may be with!

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