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Planning the Ultimate Fraternity Formal

October 30, 2020 by admin_fb

There are many benefits to being a part of a fraternity or sorority, but one of the things members look forward to the most is the formal event. For members, it’s often a simple matter of paying their share and finding something nice to wear.

But for the leaders of Greek organizations, planning a formal can take a lot of effort with many places for mistakes to happen. Formal Builder is an event planning tool that can help fraternities and sororities plan the ultimate formal event.

For a start, Formal Builder can help fraternities and sororities select the ideal venue for formal events. To make sure that organizers are selecting a location that fits their needs, Formal Builder has a tool that can search for venues based on different criteria.

It has the most common selectors, such as one for the number of people at the event and another for finding locations near a certain city. It can also be used to search for venues that can accommodate needs such as a hosting banquet or being near hotel lodgings.

One of the biggest challenges when planning the ultimate formal event is choosing a location that makes everyone happy.

If people aren’t thrilled about the location for a formal event, they are less likely to go, especially if it involves travel. Formal Builder can help event organizers select the most popular venue by setting up votes among the members. Another benefit of voting is that the members have a closer connection to the event since it’s something they asked for.

Selecting the proper price per member is another challenge that event organizers need to overcome. The per person pricing for a formal event must be enough to cover all of the various portions of the event.

Getting this pricing wrong by even a little can put the hosting organization at a loss when everything is finished. Formal Builder can automatically calculate the per person pricing based on all of the services ordered and the estimated number of event attendees.

Another thing that makes Formal Builder the ultimate event planning tool is the ability to accept split payments. This means the fraternity or sorority planning the formal isn’t out of too much money upfront.

Formal Builder was created by T.E.A.M., who has been involved in formal event planning for more than a decade. This experience means Formal Builder was built with everything organizations need to plan an amazing formal for members and alumni. Formal Builder has been used by dozens of fraternities and sororities across the country to plan their ultimate formal event.

Fraternity and sorority leaders who have used Formal Builder in the past have benefited greatly from the planning tool. Sarah Lin from the ACΩ chapter at UC Irvine said, “Provided everything we needed for our formal! Great to work with fellow Alumni Greeks and absolutely helped us have a great time.”

With Formal Builder, it’s easier to create events that will lead to fun and memorable times for the members. Rather than just staying local, Formal Builder makes it possible to find formal event packages for amazing vacation locations.

For example, some of the top destinations include Myrtle Beach, Gatlinburg, Las Vegas, and New Orleans. Formal planners can also opt for a package that includes a charter bus so that everyone can go together.

Event planners who want to set up a formal that will be remembered for years to come should give Formal Builder a try. It only takes a moment to get started, and it helps event organizers do more than they could on their own. It’s the ultimate planning tool for fraternity and sorority formal events.

Top Destinations


Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

New Orleans
New Orleans

“ FormalBuilder really made our Fall Formal the best it could’ve been! “

ΣΦE, Sacramento State University

“ FormalBuilder made it very easy to plan our Formal. Everything went very smooth! “

Eric Faby
ΠKT University of Florida

“ Provided everything we needed for our formal! Great to work with fellow Alumni Greeks and absolutely helped us have a great time “

Sarah Lin
ACΩ UC Irvine

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