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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Fraternities?

November 4, 2020 by admin_fb

Dealing with some of the worst and biggest problems with fraternities can be sometimes difficult. This approach definitely needs external support and cooperation. In this day and age, some of the biggest problems with fraternities include alcoholism, drug abuse, substance abuse, sexual assault, and DUI.

To solve each of these issues, a specific approach should be taken. Sometimes, solving this issue may require you to deal with fraternity leaders in order to manage such problems within a particular undergraduate college social club. External sources, including rehabilitation, government agencies, and local communities should also come forward to address such issues and solve problems with fraternities.

solving problem

That being said, the best way to handle these types of problems is to start with a particular group rather than targeting the entire fraternity community. Some groups have their own policies.

Working with the group leader is necessary if you want to change and bring in new policies. Every problem associated with fraternities start from alcohol abuse. Most binge drinkers commit sexual assault, DUI cases, and involve in drug abuse. Here is an overview.

Alcohol Abuse

One of the biggest problems with fraternities is alcoholism. A recently published report from US Department of Education shows that 75% of fraternity members are engaged in heavy drinking.

Universities in our country have spent years in solving this issue with fraternity. Many states now also have anti-hazing laws in place. Despite of that, there is no improvement in alcohol abuse, which is a big problem with fraternities.

Studies show that most fraternity members are binge drinkers. In short, whenever there is a party, these youths end up drinking more than required. To solve this issue, there should be some rules in place.

Universities should be open to the investigators. Once the investigators know what is happening at such a social club, they can take appropriate actions.

Alcohol-free housing is an effective solution for this issue. In fact, studies show that alcohol-free housing reduces the risk of hazing, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse at social college clubs.


Bringing in some risk-management laws for alcohol abuse and drug abuse will help universities to manage and solve this issue easily. Although many states ban teens to work in bars, universities have no such rules to stop students from engaging at social bars for earning money.

Universities and colleges should take the responsibility of solving this problem. Reports claim that at least one student dies every year from alcohol or drug abuse. If these education institutes introduce strict laws for risk management, self management, and alcohol-free housing, then the biggest issue of alcohol abuse with fraternities will be drastically reduced.

Finally, substance-free housing will also help solving some of the biggest issues and problems of today’s college fraternities. By letting professionals to deal with such problems also helps solving such issues easily.

Fraternity problems, therefore, should be taken as a social challenge. That means each one in our community, universities, and government should take a joint approach to solve these issues with fraternities.

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