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How to Effectively Plan a Killer Formal in 2023?

November 4, 2020 by admin_fb

Formal is one of the most important nights of college life and one of the key events that sorority members and their guests look forward to each year. However, any good event requires the proper planning behind it.

Planning formal right will lead to a triumphant night of good friends and fun, or if it’s not planned so well, could lead to a night of disaster and shame for years to come. We understand the challenges faced by the party planners. That’s why we’ve created this article: to offer resources and tips to ensure that those planning formal create an excellent night of fun.

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Choose a great theme

One of the first items of business that needs to be taken care of straightaway is selecting a great theme that you can work with. Don’t be too specific about your theme because it could limit your options later on. However, you should provide something creative that will get guests and members excited about the night, while giving you a direction to plan for.


Location is probably the biggest factor that will lead to the success or ruin of the evening. Choose an event with plenty of room for guests to mix and mingle without being so big that it discourages people from interacting.

Ideally, the location will have a large (but not huge) center area for mingling and dancing, and maybe also provide a smaller area for food and a more intimate gatherings with fewer people who want to step away from the big scene for a moment. Avoid locations that may become hazardous in any way, this includes undesirable weather and locations with poor parking options.

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Provide memorabilia

You’ll only attend a handful of formals in your lifetime and neither you nor your guests will want to forget it! In addition to providing plenty of photos, be sure to offer some other favor so guests won’t forget the magical night they had. One common piece of memorabilia is T shirts.

They are inexpensive and endless customization options are available. Other options include customized magnets, jewelry, or decorations.

Good food

Your guests will never forgive you if you don’t offer enough to eat! No one wants to be left hungry during a long evening of dancing, partying, and socializing. plenty of food will keep your guests going all night long! While you may be tempted to follow some of the latest foodie trends going on, be sure that whatever you provide will satisfy the vast majority of your guests. For instance, if you know that many of your members and guests are vegetarians, be sure to include plenty of options that fit their diet.

Individual attention

The only way to make your night a success is to ensure that each individual is prepared for a night of fun. A good idea for best results is to talk individually with new members and educate them on how formal works and what they should prepare for. This will eliminate potential fear, concerns, and tears.

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