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How to Become a Recruiting Ninja?

November 5, 2020 by admin_fb

Guys are always looking for ways to attract the best recruits to their fraternity. While each year a new crop of eligible applicants are ripe for the picking, using the same techniques year after year can get dated pretty quickly.

Coming up with cool themes is a great way get guys to join the fraternity, but the best way to becoming a recruiting ninja is to implement a great strategy. Here are a few techniques you and your brothers can try today to recruit the best of the best that are available this year.

Recruiting Ninja

Finding Your Friends

One of the easiest ways to waste the time and efforts of the fraternity is to go out and solicit total strangers in the dorms. In addition to a very low success rate, this can be awkward and challenging for all your brothers. Focus on friends you had in high school who are now becoming freshman on campus and solicit them first.

These guys will be much more receptive, especially since they are entering the campus without many familiar faces to hang with. Consider guys you may have had on your football team, golf team, or baseball team, and if they are attending your school this year as a freshman invite them to a rush. They may join with little convincing after that.

Friends of Friends of Friends

Keeping in line with recruiting friends and acquaintances that you made in high school, don’t forget to encourage these guys to recommend some of their own friends that might be attending school this year.

Finding a teammate from the football team is as good as getting a referral, however if he has three friends who you do not know coming to school this year, this is the perfect opportunity to have him bring along those friends as well. This is almost a slam dunk in many cases because these guys do not want to be split up in different fraternities this year, so make it easy for them by getting the old gang back together.

During a rush it can be a challenge for a lone wolf to stand out, but a pack of guys all there together have a much better chance of leaving an impression on the fraternity. This should definitely be the foundation of your ninja recruiting strategy.

Make Recruitment Fun

Take into account that the recruitment event should be like a brotherhood event if you want to really get these new guys excited about your fraternity. Planning a fun themed recruitment will get all your brothers to attend, and then when the new recruits see how much fun it is rather than hear stories about all the good times, it will a piece of cake to get them to join.

Choosing fun events that your brothers enjoy doing will make it easy for the new recruits to determine whether or not they are a perfect fit or not for the fraternity. The best part here is by using your ninja skills, you can actually be partying the night away doing what you and your brothers do best, all the while having those new guys line up like mice to cheese.

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