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How community service will get you in favor with the dean?

November 4, 2020 by seed prod

If you are involved with Greek life, you understand the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with the college dean. It is important to show that your existence improves the lives of fellow students, and also improves the morale and overall reputation of the college.


Consider reaching this goal through active community service projects. You may wish to make community service hours mandatory for new members only, or for all members. This is a great chance to engage in mentoring relationships, build an atmosphere of teamwork, and even to network with other local organizations.

Community service projects do not need to be complicated. Consider holding a clothing or blanket drive, or volunteering with Special Olympics. There are plenty of homeless shelters and food banks that can also benefit from year round volunteer help. Peer tutoring services are even a great way to help students meet other students and to excel in academics. If your organization has a special charity focus, hold an annual awareness fundraiser.

community work

Regardless of the type of community service that your chapter decides to engage in, your college dean will appreciate your efforts. Sometimes sororities and fraternities find themselves in negative headlines, so visible reminders that fraternities and sororities offer many positive aspects are always welcome by college deans.

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