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College Formal Attire – Necktie or Bowtie?

November 4, 2020 by seed prod

Women seem so much easier to dress in the light of these types of formal events. Okay, okay, they have probably have been planning for weeks, and they still take forever. The real problem lies in the simple fact that as fraternity men, we should have an exceptional grasp on exactly what it is that is going to look great and be compatible with what our date is wearing.

For most men, this boils down to a very simple decision: regardless of the suit or get up you are wearing, what is best? A necktie or a bow tie? Let’s face it guys, for us, this is the biggest dilemma we actually have to deal with when it comes to dressing for any occassion such as the ones that maybe called for, such as this.

College Formal Attire

Let’s begin logically, gentlemen. The bow tie was originally created to provide an appropriate dress tie for boys and younger men. Over the years, of course, bow ties have definitely formed their own niche, and have found their place into any formal situation called for or required.

The bow tie, in itself, has managed to find its place in the style of both genders, but in the case of one who is seeking above and beyond appropriate dress for a formal college affair, most of the tie choice you make well be based not only on color, but also in the color and design of the formal dress of the young lady you are accompanying to the formal event. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the coordination that should occur between yourself and your date.

Make sure to confer with your date in regard to this issue, making sure that the dress worn buy the both of you convey the solidity and beauty of the togetherness you have chosen to indulge in on this evening. If the dress which has been chosen by your date is of a very specific color, it really matters not if you decide to opt for a bow tie or a regular necktie, as long as all colors involved between the two of you are in graceful agreement.

 Necktie or Bowtie?

For you as a man, all of the above can be quite overwhelming. I challenge you to approach it as an opportunity for future practice, for it is guaranteed that you will need to adjust yourself in such a manner many more times before the end of your time here on earth.

Make sure that you follow her lead; you can trust thoroughly that she will provide this lead for you. Otherwise, as k for the advice of trusted men who are close friends and family.

Either who have been though the experience you are preparing for are not only able, but more than willing to assist you in making this night the biggest of these years in you life, and not only because of the suit you wore, or the type of tie you chose to go with it, but mostly because you simply want to look the best you possibly can for the lovely lady you are fortunate enough to accompany on this big evening.

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