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10 Cheap Dating Ideas in 2023

November 3, 2020 by admin_fb

Dating, for a guy, can be pretty rough. In theory, dating etiquette is fair. The person asking is the person paying. In practice, it’s the guy asking and therefore the guy paying. That’s why every guy needs to learn some dating ideas that won’t break the bank.

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10: The Park

Most girls love nature. Or, rather, they love carefully maintained plant life. A walk in the park demonstrates that you have some love of the outdoors, can carry on a conversation, and that you care about your health enough to get out and move around a bit.

9: Get Some Coffee

Almost everyone drinks coffee or tea. For those who don’t, coffee shops also usually serve a variety of juices. It’s cheap, and allows you to focus on conversation.

This is a big one that many guys don’t grasp at first. Women want communication more than they want a big wallet. Demonstrate that you can actually speak and listen within a conversation.

8: Specific Types of Movie

This one’s somewhat location dependent. If you have an art or indie theatre in town, it’s a great spot for a date. It demonstrates that you have an interest in more artistic things, without forcing you to really know much about the subject. Plus, indie theatres are usually pretty cheap, and often have discounts on top of it.

7: Museums

This works best if her major is something a local museum touches on. This is a chance for her to feel good by demonstrating expertise in a subject, and for you to show off in a similar way. By making her feel good about herself as she brings up certain exhibits, she’ll associate that feeling with you. And, it’s cheap!

6: The Zoo

Kids love the zoo, but young adults typically forget about them. The price of entry is usually fairly cheap, as are the foods available within. Even better, things like cheap animal feed allow you to constantly pay her way.

While, everything combined, paying far less than a normal date. Plus it’s a chance to demonstrate a softer side by expressing appreciation for both animals and the inevitable memories she’ll have of zoos as a kid.

5: Plan an Easy Hike

This one is also somewhat regional. However, if there’s any gentle hiking paths than this is a great date idea. Typically people hear about a great path, intend to give it a try, and then never do.

By bringing it up you’ll instantly click with a lot of her own ideas about the person she wants to be. That association will instantly be set on you, giving an easy push in her opinion of you. All without spending a dime.

4: Book Readings

Larger book stores typically host book readings and lectures by the authors. This does two big things for you. It demonstrates in interest in intellectual matters, without it being so heady as to be intimidating or off-putting. And it comes with a typical price tag of “”totally free””.

3: Flea Markets and Estate Sales

OK, this is a stereotype. But let’s be honest, the typical girl loves to shop. And even just window shop. The typical guy just runs into a store for specific things, gets it, and leaves. The rare time both styles intersect is flea markets and estate sales.

The key here is how eclectic the selection is. The guy goes into hunter mode, looking for cool finds. The girl goes into gatherer mode doing the same. And both wind up complimenting each other and proving to be a great time. Plus, the average item there is pretty cheap.

2: Skating

Whether it is roller skating or ice skating, the price is going to be fairly cheap. And you’ll both probably be somewhat inexperienced there. Which leads to a lot of falling and catching.

A little physical contact, and support during moments of uncertainty, is a great way to build up an instant unconscious bond. And the cheap price doesn’t hurt either!

1: Do What You Wanted to Do Anyway

This is the all-time best date, if you can manage it. Have something fun you were planning on, where a second person wouldn’t cost much more?

There’s your date! Your own way is essentially free, since you’d be doing it anyway. Your date will probably be impressed by how unconventional an idea the location is. And if the date doesn’t go well, it doesn’t matter much because you’ll have had a good time there no matter what.

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