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Colleges Aim To Keep Students Safe With Cutting-Edge Security Systems

November 4, 2020 by admin_fb

In this day and age when college and university security seems to be as important as the curriculum, there is good news for students and parents who worry about safety.

The good news is campus safety and security officers are not only patrolling campus facilities 24/7, they are also using high-tech security cameras that are even found in sororities where sorority members live and study. In fact, sorority members at one top university commented online about “feeling safer” since the new security cameras were installed both in and around their sorority house.

Security Systems

Another aspect of campus security today in 2014 is linked to a new emphasis on incident response and documentation.

According to a congressional report on nationwide campus safety and security methods, there is a “renewed focus” on documenting any and all security related incidents that take place at colleges and universities today in the wake rapes, gun related crimes and a rash of break-ins reported at these schools today.

In turn, today’s campus security offices work closely with both college and local police departments when it comes to helping law enforcement with both reporting crime and investigations.

Colleges keeping students safe

While some students joke that the ever present security cameras around campus is a form of “Big Brother” surveillance, they also concede that all college and university buildings, fraternities and sorority houses need ready access to camp security and other law enforcement as a deterrent to crime.

In addition, the congressional ‚ÄúJeanne Cleary Act,‚Äù specifically mandates that both on and off-campus sororities and fraternities must allow easy access to law enforcement. The aim of the act is to ensure young people are not being placed in harm’s way by the traditional fraternity and sorority views on privacy for members.

There is also a view that college life today requires students to view their own security as both a collective and individual responsibility. ‚ÄúIt is all about taking care of your fellow student and yourself if something happens,‚Äù commented a college student online. The student wanted to express his view that crimes do take place on campus, and it is ‚Äúeveryone’s job‚Äù to fight crime.

Security Systems

College security job #1

When parents and others visit a fraternity or sorority house on a college or university campus today, one of the key reasons for their tour is to make sure the students are living in a safe building. For example, they often notice lots of security cameras.

They also notice specially installed warning devices that can be easily and quickly engaged to notify the office of campus safety and security that an incident may be occurring at a fraternity or sorority house on or off campus.

Overall, this is an age when security on America’s college and university campus is as serious as a heart attack. In turn, it is incumbent upon every member of a campus community to work together to keep the school safe from crime.

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