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Choices in Event Planning

October 30, 2020 by admin_fb

At Formal Builder, our mission is to allow you to plan those special group events with a minimum of hassle and headaches – we have put together our comprehensive website based on the ability to automate planning and really empower our customers to get their goals accomplished quickly and easily, instead of sitting by the phone on hold for hours or wrangling with tough software.

Why? Because we know that time is a factor in trying to put together group events. When you’re the person who has been called on to arrange everything, it can be intimidating and stressful. You might think you don’t have enough time or to make the decisions efficiently. Here are some of the things we help with through our interactive website.

Food Questions

What will be served at your event?

At Formal Builder, we offer an easy drop-down menu with four foundational choices – gourmet appetizers, pasta buffet, three-course chicken dinner and three-course steak dinner. You choose what suits your fancy and we provide it to your event goers. We’ve done this based on what we have found works best for most groups – to save you time and effort.


You have a choice in accommodations. A central part of planning your event is whether or not you will need hotel rooms overnight. So again, our easy drop-down menu allows you to choose banquet and hotel room components, or choose only banquet or hotel rooms according to what you’re planning for the day or weekend.

We know that establishing “bed numbers” can be difficult – so that’s provided, too, and we are easy to reach with any questions – because there can always be unanticipated issues or concerns.

Choosing Extras

When you’re planning these events, there’s also the multimedia aspect of putting together a great party.

Again, we have you covered.

Check out our set of additional services that you can select with just one click of the mouse. Get a DJ to provide music, a photographer to document your event or a charter bus to take your people where they need to go. It’s all there with a single easy planning interface.

The above is just the beginning when it comes to efficient planning. You can choose your group number, destination and per-person pricing or payment splitting options. Formal Builder goes the extra mile to help planners to get everything done on time and according to their needs.

Try it and talk to us about how to set up a great formal event for your group today! We love helping event planners to really keep on top of every detail – because when everything comes together, you get that thrill of knowing that you did your job well. We do, too.

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“ FormalBuilder made it very easy to plan our Formal. Everything went very smooth! “

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“ Provided everything we needed for our formal! Great to work with fellow Alumni Greeks and absolutely helped us have a great time “

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