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Create Lasting Brotherhood Memories in Charleston

Picture this: Your Squad by your side, raising a glass under the Charleston sun as it sets over the harbor. Historic buildings and cobblestone streets line the scene, creating a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your unforgettable fraternity or sorority formal.

Charleston isn’t just beautiful, it’s fun too! From delicious Southern food (think fresh seafood and mouthwatering classics) to live music filling the air, this city guarantees a good time. Plus, the weather’s always perfect for outdoor activities, whether it’s chilling on a rooftop or exploring the charming streets.


Imagine the memories you’ll create – celebrating brotherhood/sisterhood with breathtaking views all around. Make your dream formal a reality in Charleston with Formal Builder! We’ll handle everything so you can focus on the fun. Contact us today for a free consultation and get started on planning your epic Charleston bash!


2,500+ Formals Planned!

With over 13 YEARS of a proven track record, we
provide a Fraternity Formal Planning experience leveraging our extensive network of trusted vendors and partners. Our packages and add-ons, crafted for weekend formals, offer an all-encompassing experience
designed to perfectly align with your group’s size,
schedule, and preferences.

Experience the best Fraternity Formal Planners in the game  with no hidden fees.

Comprehensive service taking care of every facet of your event.

Enjoy the convenience of per-couple pricing and multiple payment options.


Premium Accommodation

Effortless Transportation

Dedicated 1 on 1 Support

Fraternity Formal Dinners

Comprehensive Event Itinerary

Exclusive, Unforgettable Events

Build Unforgettable Formals

Enjoy Your Formal Stress-Free

No need to juggle between multiple vendors, handle payments and other hassles. We simplify it by incorporating wholesale hotel rates, venue bookings and more into one astounding weekend.

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