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Campus Security – How Colleges Keep You Safe?

November 5, 2020 by admin_fb

Do you feel safe on campus? It is extremely important that you do. Students and faculty are constantly buzzing around on campus no matter the time of day and you never know what kind of situations you are going to face.

With the tragic acts of violence happening at Virginia Tech and Ohio State, schools are cracking down on safety drills and all around campus safety. Schools offer a variety of methods of safety tips and programs to attend to learn how to handle any type of situation.

Many college campuses have new “blue light phones” located throughout entire campuses. These phones are tall pillars with a blue light on top that flashes when triggered. These phones have a dial pad to call for help or if you are feeling like you are unsafe or being followed there is a button to push to send for assistance. The tall black and blue pillars are easy to see and are located all over so that you are always near help.

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Campuses also have campus shuttles and car services to transport you to your car or fraternity house so that you are not roaming campus alone. Most car services are running through the night so you can feel safe picking up those extra three units for a night class. These systems are operated by phone call or are constantly running through campus so you are never alone.

With these new updates to campuses all over the United States, it is hard to feel unsafe on campus. School boards are always coming up with new and innovative ways to keep their students as safe as possible. If you are ever feeling unsafe about anything on campus, remember your campus police are there for a reason. Do not hesitate to contact them.

It is crucial to follow your gut. Here are a few general tips that you should consider on campus.Observe your surroundings. Although you may thing your walk to your dorm or you car is the perfect time to check your various social media accounts, save it for later.

Always keep your head up and your eyes scanning for anything you might deem suspicious. If you don’t feel like you are safe or you are feeling uneasy about your surroundings, don’t hesitate to contact the campus police. (9-1-1)

Use the buddy system. Know your vulnerability. If you are on your own you are more likely to become a victim. Walking with a friend or fraternity brother will make you feel more comfortable and safer on campus.

Report any suspicious persons or vehicles. By reporting any suspicious persons or vehicles, you are potentially saving a brothers life. Campus police are there to make campus a safe place for everyone.

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