Social media pr and benefits

In the age of the internet, fraternities and sororities need to take advantage of social media in order to connect with members. Social networking sites can be used as central “”bulletin boards”” for making important announcement regarding Greek Life groups at universities and colleges throughout North America. Of course, the information must be accurate and therefore should be posted by a trustworthy person such as the head of a fraternity or sorority group. Social networks are very popular places for posting virtual invitations to parties for members and non members of a Greek Like group.

A chief officer of a fraternity or sorority can manage the list of “”friends”” that are associated with a group. Such a person can therefore filter out any people that don’t belong in a certain Greek Life association that is listed on a social network site. Photos and videos can also be posted on social media and network sites in order to provide official information about fraternities and sororities. The content that is posted should be appropriate enough for parents of future college students to view. Additionally, school administrators may also monitor the activity of fraternity and sorority groups on social media and network sites.