Delegation: The Best Friend Of An Officer

The beauty of a fraternity or sorority is that it is a student organization run and managed all by the members. The student who have the opportunity to run and manage their chapter are also college students who have classes, grades, responsibilities, jobs, friends and possibly romantic relationships to deal with. This means that delegation is a key to getting everything done. However, it is also a great way to include other people in the management of the chapter that will allow for more people to be ready to take over when the officers graduate.

When an officer of a fraternity or sorority delegates duties to someone else, it is a learning experience for the person who is helping and an opportunity to catch up on other work for the officer. This partnership can help to keep the chapter functional while also ensuring that there are people who are capable of managing the chapter in the future.

Whether it is the finances of the chapter, the events, elections or other chapter duties, there is always room for every person in the chapter to make themselves useful and learn jobs that will help them to lead the chapter in the future. With the help of everyone in the chapter, the officers can get everything done that keeps the chapter running while also training new generations to take their place upon their graduation.