Travel to India with TFI

India is the land of diversity where different religion, culture, tradition have been practicing. People from every nook and corner visit this spiritual land that is known for different verities of cuisines, lifestyle and what not.

Traveler’s trip to India will give the feel of Maharaja during their Rajasthan tour where they can explore gorgeous Forts and Havelis of Rajputs. Along with exploring incredible beauty of North India, one should not miss the southern part of India which is famous for South Indian temples and Goa beaches. Your South Indian Tour will not be completed without visiting Kerala and having the experience of houseboat stay and backwaters. India tours are also about exploring wildlife habitat of India and knowing the activities of animals including Bengal tiger, Indian elephants, wide variety of birds and other creatures. During your visit to India, your stay will be in the heritage hotels that gives you the feel of great Indian hospitality.