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A Trip of a Lifetime

October 30, 2020 by admin_fb

If you’ve ever been part of a university fraternity or sorority, you know that there are certain things that Greek societies tend to be very organized about – and then there are those other things. Maybe it’s trying to get a whole group together to do something fun! That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Actually, it can be hard to really get consensus in a group like this, even with everyone’s very real social bonds and commitment to the group.

For example, when it’s time for a Greek formal, who decides where to go and how to set up the event?

That’s where Formal Builder comes in – we make it easy to plan for any number of people to attend a Greek event, even in an international location. Our mission is to support groups that want to convene and have a good time without a lot of troublesome planning.

Whether it’s per-person pricing, voting on venues or figuring out how to foot the bill, Formal Building has helped busy fraternity and sorority leaders to plan for Greek formal events. As a top Greek travel site, we strive to support groups of Greek society members who need an easy process and reliable results.

Our website planning tool includes features for estimating crowd size, as well as dealing with food and accommodations, along with extras like a DJ, photographer or charter bus.

But another part of what our platform offers is booking and scheduling in ways that support your busy lifestyle. A “click and choose” approach helps take a lot of the hassle out of event planning – we built our platform that way – for you!

It’s a one-stop shop for figuring out how to host a Greek formal event or similar happening in places like Myrtle Beach, Gatlinburg, Tennessee or in more exotic areas. These are just some of the great destinations that we help our clients to get to, in order to create the memories of a lifetime.

Las Vegas and New Orleans are two of our most popular destinations, and we excel in helping to get your group there and get them situated, in order to help them have a really good time that they won’t forget.

They say that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” – but it doesn’t have to. You can create meaningful, long-lasting memories and take it easy knowing that you have the power of a trusted third party on your side for figuring out all of the nuts and bolts of how an event like this will work.

Interested? Talk to Formal Builder about how easy it can be to schedule your next fraternity or sorority formal event, and visit our website to see how we put together our event package offerings.

Instead of going through a long, protracted process of trying to delegate choices and tasks, you can use at this central event planning service to do the hard work for you, and you can look back on a formal event as a good time without a lot of unnecessary struggle to set it up.

Top Destinations


Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

New Orleans
New Orleans

“ FormalBuilder really made our Fall Formal the best it could’ve been! “

ΣΦE, Sacramento State University

“ FormalBuilder made it very easy to plan our Formal. Everything went very smooth! “

Eric Faby
ΠKT University of Florida

“ Provided everything we needed for our formal! Great to work with fellow Alumni Greeks and absolutely helped us have a great time “

Sarah Lin
ACΩ UC Irvine

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