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6 Myths About Sororities

November 4, 2020 by seed prod

College is meant to be a fun and enriching time in your life. You have many options. You can pick a major, change it and change it again. You can have an active social life by joining a club or a sorority. If you are not sure whether you would like to join a sorority do not let the common myths about Greek life taint your opinion. Here are some common myths you should be aware of:


You need to be rich to be a part of a sorority.

Although money is involved, you do not have to be rich to be a part of Greek life. There are yearly dues that are necessary to keep the organization running, but the money that you pay is often used to benefit your college life directly.

Dues may be paid monthly and they also have payment plans. A scholarship may even cover the costs. Costs will vary, so be sure to always ask first.

You should not have to pay to have friends.

The fees associated with joining a sorority are to pay for social events, national membership fees and the actual house. While you can be friends with sorority girls without being a part of a sorority, there is a special bonding experience that can only take place by being a part of the events and house.

It will be a huge time commitment.

While being a part of a sorority does entail a time commitment what part of life does not? It is about priorities and how active you would like to be within the sorority.

Sorority girls are promiscuous party girls.

Partying and drinking is a part of college life period. How an individual wants to spend his or her time is completely their choice.

Sororities are just social clubs that you must pay for and have no beneficial qualities.

Sororities are great networking opportunities. They are recognized nationally and have many chapters all over the United States. People use Google+ and Facebook to network and many people get benefit from networking in a sorority. Networking can potentially help you land your dream job and more!

All sorority girls care about is their looks and they are not genuine.

You can find superficial girls everywhere you go that does not mean that everyone in a sorority is. There are many sorority girls who are down-to-earth and genuine. While dressing up is fun and part of sorority life, we all care about how we look.

Who does not want to look nice? Sorority girls want to look extra nice because they are representing a group of people. After all, if you were going to a convention for a job, you would want to look your best to make your company and boss look good.

Myths can definitely change a person’s view on a perfectly good opportunity. Do not let myths get in the way of what can be a rewarding, one in a lifetime experience for you.

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