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6 Myths About Fraternities [2023]

November 5, 2020 by seed prod

Most people are familiar with the social perks of joining fraternities; late nights playing beer pong (if you‚ are of legal age, of course), walking proudly across campus as a member of your Greek pledge of choice, and establishing lifelong friendships with people pursuing your same aspirations. While these things hold true in many cases, there are several myths that dissuade many would-be students from joining.


1.Fraternities are all fun and games

While almost all fraternities host a vast array of social events, most require a minimum GPA of 3.0. Just as apple trees grow from root to fruit, social activities and events are bonding rituals performed in celebration of a strong foundational core.

2.All fraternities require some type of hazing ritual to join

When you pledge to join a fraternity, the leaders want to know that you’ll be willing to follow directions if asked. Hazing as it once was is grinding to a halt. Most fraternities hold rituals that allow pledges to prove their willingness to do whatever it takes to join within reason.

3.If you join a fraternity, you must live in the frat house

This is not always the case. There are some universities that allow its students to join more than one fraternity. This would create a major dilemma for these students. Whether you’re in one or more fraternities, residence at the frat house (depending on the fraternity) is optional. Many fraternity members reside in on-campus housing, with family members, or in apartments or homes off campus. They do however meet and socialize at the fraternity house.

4.Academics will be compromised if you join a fraternity

While partying, playing, and fraternizing with the ladies may always be tempting, learning how to succeed while balancing your academic and social activities will make you stronger as a person. You wouldn’t be joining a fraternity if you didn‚Äôt make it into a university first. Remember to keep first things first, and have fun.

5.Fraternities are primarily for social bonding

Fraternities seek to teach their members to link the bonds between friendship, teamwork, leadership and partnership. Learning these principles in fraternity life helps graduates to apply them to business practices, family life, and potential business opportunities later in life.

6.Fraternity life does not extend past university tenure

There are many fortune 500 companies that hire specific Greek pledges because of the teamwork principles instilled during their academic tenure. As previously stated, many fraternities have a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 because of the opportunities that will follow their pledges well beyond their academic years.

7.Most frat members are upper class-men

While it’s still true that most fraternity leaders are upperclassmen, you do not have to be a sophomore or junior to join in most cases. Ask your fraternity of choice about their enlistment criteria.

8.You can only join one fraternity at a time

There are universities that will allow you to join more than one fraternity at a time.
Ask your college or university more about their fraternities joining requirements, and discover the benefits associated with joining today.

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