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5 Best Tips for a Great Formal

November 5, 2020 by admin_fb

One of the best parts about being in a sorority is the chance to have a formal. However, mistakes are easy to make when you’re caught up in the moment. But keep these five quick tips in mind and you’re on the road to some amazing memories.

5: Your date isn’t a sure thing

It’s easy to just assume that you have a date secured. Nobody wants to be seen as pushy or too clingy. But this is one of those occasions where you can’t take a nod or a shrug at face value.

When you’ve set your sights on the guy you want, make sure he asks you. Even if you have to tell him to ask. You might not have to be that direct. But it’s almost a universal rule that guys don’t pick up hints about this kind of thing.

4: Remember to do the laundry

It should go without saying that a formal involves formal dress. Do you dress that way every day? Of course you don’t. And because you don’t, you might very easily forget about one of the most important parts of dressing up. You need to ensure you have the right underwear for the situation. That means a strapless bra.

3: Yes, back to the guy again

Speaking of universals, there’s one other trait that seems to be shared by every guy going to a formal. The amount of effort they have to put in to getting ready is minuscule compared to your own investment.

Putting on a pair of pants and remembering to shave that day are the most strenuous preparations he’ll need to take care of. And, as a rule, he’ll forget about it until the last minute without a little extra help.

Again, nobody wants to be a nag. But a friendly text or two to remind him to get ready can go a long way. It doesn’t have to be terribly direct. Possibly just mention that you’re getting ready, and that you hope he’s having fun doing the same.

2: Don’t arrive drunk

It goes without saying that drink will be involved. In fact, rather large amounts of drink will be involved. However, that isn’t an excuse to arrive tipsy. Part of a formal is adhering to certain rules of social etiquette.

At least until you’ve got some great pictures to show off. This is basically a call back to the introductions one would make to the host and hostess of an event. One must ensure that certain airs are kept into account in order to make a good impression, before everyone as a group decides that they can all let loose.

1: Go with the flow

There’s going to be some aspects of the formal you think are silly. There’s going to be some aspects, in fact, that you think are actually a bit dumb. And you’ll be totally correct in feeling that way.

You need to just let go of it though. Traditions are always a bit odd. Sometimes it means certain things are just done in a certain way. Other times, people want to bring along an idea that’s so important to them that they’ll erupt if anyone dares question it.

There’s some battles not worth fighting. Image is important, and by just going with the flow of things you can maintain a level of composure that will serve you well on the big night. Being the girl nobody has an issue with will not only make the night more pleasant, it’ll show in any pictures or video.

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