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5 Things You Did in Your Fraternity That Will Help You in an Interview

November 5, 2020 by admin_fb

Aside from the chances of rooming with the son or grandson of an alumni who owns a company you are excited about working for; there are other fraternity experiences that can help with a future interview. In the midst of Greek life, lessons and skills are being learned, though they do not seem to be as such at the time. Here are five fraternity life skills that could come in handy during an important interview.

5 Things You Did in Your Fraternity

Being Yourself in a New Setting

In order to survive and thrive the first few weeks in a fraternity, it is imperative that you convince your brothers that you are the “right fit” for the house. Seasoned members can spot an insincere candidate immediately.

A professional interviewer is looking for many of the same qualities as a fraternity board. They want to discover how your genuine self will be a benefit to the workplace. Gaining trust while maintaining your dignity and personality are important as a Greek and a great employee.

Gender Relations

Honing interpersonal skills at events like fraternity parties and campus festivals is important. At the same time you strive to bond with friends of the same gender, you will learn the rewards of successfully interacting with the opposite sex. A positive and powerful term spent in a fraternity has much to do with a certain degree of popularity.

During an interview, a company representative will look for the right amount of compliments, questions, engagement and mature conversation. It is also advantageous to be comfortable and social in mixed company.

Having Fun and Still Getting the Job Done

One of the most enviable skills of a long-term frat member, or “old man,” is the ability to compose life with a mixture of 99% fun and 1% serious work while managing to accomplish any task. Interviewers look for employees who know how to balance an individual approach to life, and produce great results at the end of the quarter.

Embellishment For Personal Gain

A successful fraternity member and company employee knows how to use the details of past experiences (however insignificant), and the people around him to build a reputation and get things done.

An essential part of a Greek legacy is developing the power to impress using intellectual and human resources. In an interview, appearing as an expert on certain aspects of professional life can earn huge points.

The Power of a Smile

A smile can open many of life’s doors whether it is in college, or at an interview. Similar to a fraternity member who is aware of his physical prowess and attractiveness, the successful interviewee should recognize the power of a properly-timed smile.

Like a potential college date, an interviewer can be on-the-fence during an interview. A smile can make the difference between a date for Friday night, and a corporate position in a corner office.

The Greek way of living can assist anyone immeasurably throughout life. Grades and recommendations are important, but surviving the brotherhood of a fraternity and all of its adventures will eclipse the academic. Lean on what you learn as a frat member for sure ways to ace an important interview.

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