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5 Great Date Ideas in 2023

November 4, 2020 by admin_fb

Planning a great date can seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. The key to making it memorable, whether it’s your first or your fifth date, is to keep it fun and exciting. Hopefully these five suggestions will give you lots of ideas.

Go Outdoors

There are studies to prove that just going outside actually releases endorphins in your brain, already making you happy, and there is SO much you can do. Find a good hiking trail nearby or plan an outdoor picnic. Take your date to the local farmer’s market and pick out your favorite fresh fruits or vegetables to make a little meal together.

Go to a nearby park with a blanket, snacks, and some puzzle books for a lazy afternoon. If you want to get adventurous go white water rafting, kayaking, or take a long bike ride together. There are endless possibilities for beautiful scenery and great conversation on your date when you take it outside.


Have a Healthy Competition

Increasing your date’s heart rate can be a good thing. Exercise together and compete to see who can do more crunches or push-ups. Try going on a run together without any headphones, so you can talk and egg each other on. If you’re not into running, try swimming laps.

Take a trial martial arts class together- lots of studios even offer your first class trial for free. Another idea might be to have a creative “”triathlon”” of events together like- foosball, Pac-Man, and M&M sorting. The point is to make them fun for both of you and a bit silly.

Get Classy

Nothing is more impressive than a classy, romantic date, and there are even ways to do it without emptying your wallet. One of the easiest ways is just to dress up. No matter where you are going, if you both look fancy you will feel fancy too.

And what is more fancy than going to see live theatre or perusing an art gallery together? Take your date to a five-star restaurant for desserts only, and treat yourselves to delicate soufflé.

Go to the zoo or the aquarium or even an interesting museum together, and don’t forget to take advantage of fun photo opportunities with the exhibits. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Having a classy date can be as simple as finding a good late night view and bringing wine. Your date will appreciate your efforts to be a little fancy.

Kick It Old School

Remember the kinds of things you did for fun as a kid? Those are a relative goldmine for date ideas. Go to an arcade or a bowling alley. Play a game of pool or even checkers.

Find the closest drive-in movie theater for a double feature- you’ll have a lot more privacy, and you can bring whatever food you want. Play some old board games like Yahtzee, Sorry!, or Trouble. Make a blanket fort together, and watch an old classic like “”The Goonies”” or “”Ghostbusters.”” Rediscovering your childhood can be even more fun when you do it together.

Be Creative and Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

The most awesome dates are going to require you to think a little outside of the box. Do something a little adventurous, out of the ordinary, or just silly. You could take your date to jazz club, something sultry and low-key where you can drink and listen to good music while discussing your favorite artists.

Take cooking lessons, and feed each other something delicious that you both actually made. Go to an improv comedy club- you’ll have a good laugh, and you might even get pulled into the act and end up with a great story too. Have an arts and crafts night and finger paint together or make pipe cleaner creatures with jiggly eyes. Try new things together and you’ll never run out of great date night ideas.

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