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5 Best Blogs to Follow About Greek Life

November 4, 2020 by seed prod

Finding and following blogs relevant to your experience as the member of a fraternity is strongly recommended. These blogs can be valuable resources to give you more information about Greek life and offer suggests, tips, and inspiration to make your time as the member of an organization for meaningful. In this article, we’ve posted the top 5 blog resources for fraternity members.

Greek Life

Fraternity Info

Check out the North American Interfraternity Conference’s official blog at Fraternityinfo.com. This blog focuses primarily upon things that real fraternities are currently doing. Much of the attention is focused on service projects and ways that fraternities are enhancing their communities and serving people on campus.

However, the blog also has posts that are dedicated to more general questions and issues concerning fraternities, putting special attention on how to decide if joining a fraternity is right for you and how to do a better job fulfilling assignments and being in a position of power within a fraternity. Overall, the blog is a practical and service-centered guide with relevant information and real examples.

The Fraternity Advisor

The Fraternity Advisor is rightfully named, as the author, Patrick Daley, is an experienced affiliate within university life. He was first a member of a fraternity himself and then went on to become a Greek life advisor.

After completing many other worthwhile life experiences, Daley came back to the Greek scene and begin giving presentation to Greek life organizations on how to improve their fraternity. Since then, he has continued to give presentations while also writing hundreds of excellent articles to benefit organizations.

Fraternal Musings

The popular blog, fraternal musings is run by a current Greek life advisor. Jesse, the author, is still young, and because of this, provides insightful and timely thoughts into the deeper significance of Greek life and how it can shape people and refine them. He talks about the politics of fraternities and discusses new Greek life policies and their influences.

Fraternal Thoughts

Okay, we know, we know. Fraternal Thoughts and Fraternal Musings sound like the same thing, but trust us on this one, the two are both worth checking out. John Shertzer, author of Fraternal Thoughts is an excellent writer writer, and like Jesse from Fraternal Musings provides insightful and provocative questions into the life of a member of Greek life.

He discusses how people in general, and not just members of Greek associations can enhance their lives by adhering to core values. He explains how to elevate your moral life and specifically connects this idea to the presence of Greek life.

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The WebGreek Blog

The author of WebGreek, Nick Crossman is a practical guy who wants to help college students balance not only all of the regular stresses and problems that arrive with college life, but also find ways to enhance their social lives by making the very most of the fraternal experience.

He focuses on practical advice like how to make extra money to pay dues. His writing style is clean and personable, making his posts enjoyable reads.

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