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4 Tips for Choosing the Best Greek Formal Destination

October 30, 2020 by seed prod

Formal events are some of the highlights of the year for students in a college fraternity or sorority. Few occasions in life involve getting dressed up and having with your friends with no strings attached. Greek organizations that want to make their event memorable should consider taking their group on an out-of-town trip.

With Formal Builder, it’s easier than ever to set up arrangements for a Greek formal in a different city. Here are four tips you can use for choosing the best Greek formal destination.

Start Planning Early

Hosting a Greek formal away from the group’s home town takes a substantial amount of preparations. Organizers will need to make arrangements for travel, venue rental, catering, and possibly more.

Trying to handle these items while rushing is a recipe for paying more than necessary and forgetting to do vital tasks. By starting the planning process early, event organizers have time to research and choose the best destination.

Event planners also have more time to ensure that everything needed to make the formal a success is handled. When you use Formal Builder, starting your planning early also gives members more time to make payments for the trip and lowers their monthly contribution.

Choose a Location Based on the Features You Need

Sorority and fraternity leaders have many options to consider when planning a Greek formal in another city. Choosing the best location starts with picturing what your ideal Greek formal would be and think about what features would be needed to make that happen.

Ask questions such as How many people will be at the event? Who will handle the food and catering? Does your event involve an overnight stay in the city? What other activities would you like to do during the trip?

Answering these questions can help event organizers choose a destination that can quickly provide the features and amenities needed for the perfect Greek formal. Formal Builder has a search tool that makes it easy for the leaders of Greek organizations to select a destination and venue that meets their needs.

Find a Good Package Deal

When planning a Greek formal, it’s essential to keep costs reasonable. Members don’t have limitless resources, and if a trip becomes too extravagant, many won’t be able to attend.

Event planners can significantly reduce the final cost of their formal by finding a good package deal that saves the group money on the services they need. Formal Builder has package deals for some of the most popular Greek formal destinations in the U.S.

Event organizers will also be able to book services now, and pay for them once they’ve had time to collect money from members. By offering package deals with low monthly payments makes an amazing Greek formal affordable for everyone.

Build a Consensus Among Group Members

It’s vital for Greek formal planners to consult with the group’s membership when making major decisions about the event. Selecting a destination is the most critical decision when planning a Greek formal, so it’s vital to build a consensus among group members.

Discuss the various options for a travel destination, the benefits of each location, and how much it will cost the members.

After discussing the options and giving people time to think, you can find out which option the group like the most. Formal Builder makes this easy to do by letting group members vote on the destination they want to select. This democratic selection process ensures that the majority of the group is satisfied with the choice.

If you’re ready to start planning the ultimate getaway for your fraternity or sorority, start using Formal Builder today. Our system makes it easy to research destinations and venues to find one that has everything your group needs. Send us a message online if you have any questions about planning the ultimate Greek formal.

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