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Top 4 Reasons to Start Planning Your Greek Formal Early

October 30, 2020 by admin_fb

One of the main benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority is the opportunity to create lifelong friends and connections. Hosting memorable events is a crucial part of building these connections, and for many campus Greek organizations, their formal events are the most spectacular. FormalBuilder.com makes it easy for fraternities and sororities to plan out-of-town formal events for their members.

Planners can make their job easier by getting a headstart on event preparation. Here are four reasons why you should start planning your Greek formal early.

More Time For Location Research

Beginning your event planning now gives Greek organizations more time to consider the many possible destinations for a formal event. Depending on the nature of the event, the budget of the members, and the location, there are many different venues to meet the needs of the organizer.

FormalBuilder.com makes it easy to find venues by providing a search tool where it’s possible to filter results by the features of the location. For example, you can choose the type of food service available, sleeping accommodations, venue size, and more. By starting your planning early, you can find the best options that meet your needs. FormalBuilder.com has packages to popular destinations such as Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, and more.

Start Building Consensus Among Group Members

To host an amazing formal event, it’s essential for the members of a fraternity or sorority to have a say in the location selection process. People may choose to skip the event if it’s held in a hastily-selected location that they don’t want to visit. FormalBuilder.com has a voting system that organizers can use to ensure the event is held in a place that most members prefer.

Starting the event planning process gives everyone more time to think about their options and choose what they want the most. Members also have the time to talk to each other about what they want, which gives everyone more time to reach a consensus. Choosing the right location is vital for an excellent formal event, so you don’t want people to rush their decision.

Lower Monthly Payments

FormalBuilder.com can provide a price per individual for any of our formal event packages. Getting an early start on event planning means you can ask members for lower monthly payments.

Just adding one extra month to the payment schedule will significantly reduce the amount each person needs to pay each time. Making the event more affordable will ensure that everyone who wants to go is able to attend. With our payment system, Greek organizations are able to afford trips to destinations that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Reduce Overall Stress of Event Planning

Planning a Greek formal can be a stressful job, especially when it includes out-of-town travel. Using FormalBuilder dramatically reduces the stress that comes with trying to organize an event.

From voting features to payment splitting, our system is designed to be the most powerful tool sororities and fraternities can use to ensure they have everything members will need for a memorable occasion. Starting your event planning early makes the entire process less stressful since you won’t have to rush when doing anything.

You can take your time to conduct research, decide on the features your group will need, as well as give members more time to vote and pay for the trip. The sooner you start planning a Greek formal, the less stress it is for everyone.

If you’re ready to get ahead in planning your next Greek formal, use the tools at FormalBuilder.com to get started with venue selection research. If you have any questions about using our services to plan an event, send us a message online to learn more.

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