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4 Reasons to Plan Your Greek Trip with Formal Builder

October 30, 2020 by admin_fb

Being part of a fraternity or sorority is filled with fun and memorable experiences. Some of the greatest memories your members will make come from the formal events, especially ones that involve travel. Trips by college greek societies take the group to a new location along with dining, dancing and more.

Members have high expectations for these trips, so it’s vital to get everything right. If you want to craft the perfect getaway for your members, Formal Builder can help. Here are four reasons why you should plan your next greek trip using Formal Builder.

Packages to Amazing Location

Fraternities and sororities have many events throughout the year, but the Greek formal is something special. These events take members away from the school and allow the members to experience an evening of fun in another city.

Naturally, choosing a suitable venue is essential for hosting the perfect greek formal. Formal Builder has packages to many of the most popular destinations for college students, such as Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, Las Vegas and more.

Formal Builder can help you set up an event in almost any location. By using the tool on our site, organizers can find a venue in a place that meets the needs of their event. The large selection ensures that organizers have more options for where their function can be held.

Voting By Group Members

Choosing a location is such an essential part of the process in creating a formal event, that it’s not a decision the organizer should make on their own. If the wrong location is selected, many members may choose to skip the trip. Having fewer members attend the event already diminishes the quality of the gathering.

Worse still, if there’s aren’t enough people on board, it can hurt the trip financially. While it’s impossible to make everyone happy, Formal Builder has a voting feature that can make venue selection more democratic and representative of the desires of the group. Putting the choice to a vote among the members allows everyone to take ownership of the decision-making process.

Furthermore, people who may not have been excited by the winning option initially can be swayed by the reasoning of fellow members. Voting takes a huge responsibility off the back of the organizer and makes as many attendees happy as possible.

Per Couple Pricing

Formal events that involve travel to another city can be financial nightmares for unprepared organizers. Many costs need to be considered, and those costs have to be spread among the attendees. Any miscalculation can end up costing the fraternity or sorority money they weren’t planning to spend.

Through our all-in-one packages, Formal Builders can set up per-couple pricing for the event. Using the figure provided by Formal Builder, organizers can charge members a set price, confident in the fact that this will be enough to cover the cost of the event when it’s time to pay for the function.

Payment Splitting

Another finance related reason to use Formal Builder is our payment splitting option. Even with per couple pricing, it can take time for organizers to collect all the funds needed to pay for a greek formal. After the deposit is made, Formal Builder gives the organizer ample time to get payments from the members.

The rest of the amount isn’t due until 20 days before the event. Most events are planned months in advance, so this payment splitting option leaves time for members to get the money for the trip and for organizers to shake down any stragglers.

All of these factors are what make Formal Builder the most powerful formal planning tool ever. If you have any questions about preparing a formal event for your organization, send us a message online.

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