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4 Common Misconceptions About Sororities

November 4, 2020 by seed prod

As young women go off to college one of the many decisions that will face them is whether to join a sorority. For those whose mother’s went for the on campus Greek life the decision might be easily made; however, misconceptions abound about what being part of a sorority is all about. Below are four commonly harbored misconceptions.

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Sororities Are Full of Stepford Women

Only perfect women can join a sorority; or so we have been led to believe. The truth is a sorority house is not full of women with perfect bodies, hair and nails waiting to become Stepford wives. A diverse group of young women can be found in a sorority house. The sisters run from the ultra-feminine to the tomboy.

Sororities Exist To Benefit Fraternities

Sororities are often affiliated with specific fraternities, but that doesn’t mean they are an extensions of those houses. They are not an auxiliary group, and they do not exist to support, supplement or provide sex for any fraternity or its members. Sororities do sometimes work with one or more fraternities on charitable fund raising or on a community project but this is done on equal footing not as a subordinate.

Sororities Are Full of Dumb Bimbos

Contrary to what some people think, sorority houses are not filled with dumb blonds, or dumb brunettes and red heads for that matter. A sorority house is not packed with clueless women who are only in college to find a husband. Nor are sororities populated by women taking only light-weight, easy to pass courses. In fact, a sorority house is more likely to be filled with women taking courses that will provide them with serious career options.

Sororities Are Full of Snobs

When many people think of a sorority they think of affluent young women who have always had life easy. Furthermore, they assume these women look down upon the rest of female population on campus. Not true at all! A sorority house is filled with young women from all economic and social backgrounds.

True, they are confident and ambitious and they have clearly defined goals for their college career and what lies beyond. However, that is because they want to make the most of their opportunities.

Joining a sorority provides a coed with an on campus second family to provide both emotional and practical support during her college years.

Moreover, pledging a sorority in college gives a women a built in network to tap into once her college career is completed, and she steps out into the world. Who is the typical sorority girl? She doesn’t exist because sororities attract a wide range of women who are looking to become their best selves.

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