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3 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About your Fraternity

November 3, 2020 by admin_fb

Your fraternity might be one of the better on campus, but you can always learn something from your competition. Watching how certain fraternities treat their brothers can help you to improve in some areas as well as avoiding things that some groups do that hurt their reputations.

These years in college are definitely a special time for guys, and your fraternity brothers can help you to reach your academic goals in more ways than you ever imagined. Here are the top three things your competitors can teach you about your fraternity.

The Brotherhood Events

Next time you are hosting a special even for your brothers, take a close look at the turnout. If you are not seeing the entire fraternity take part in those events, it could be a number of things that is causing the problem. Take a look at the next event your competition hosts and see if they have a full turnout. Chances are those events are fun for all the brothers, and these fraternities usually vote on these events that will get the best turnout.

If the majority of the group want to be a part of the event, the turn out will be huge. Rather than host events you feel are tradition or a few select elders like, poll the entire fraternity and start choosing special events that appeal to the masses.

Working With the Community

Look at how your competition are helping the community with helping hand projects. See how many of the brothers are taking part in those charitable events, and look for ways that your fraternity can be more of a positive influence in the community.

When you see your competition out there each month helping other people, it isn’t only because it has a positive impact on their resumes.

The brothers begin to feel a sense of pride that you cannot get from any rush on campus. Take time to go out and find community events that will not only help locals, but inspire your brothers to want to get out there more and be a part of something that feels good.

group work

The Bond of Friendship

When you look at your competition, notice how closely the brothers all look out for one another. The oldest members do not form clicks and leave the freshman to fend for themselves.

You see the older members taking time to teach and help the new recruits feel like a welcome part of the fraternity. These bonds of friendship can help guys to excel in sports and academics.

Many of these relationships last for many years, long after the guys have left the fraternity life. Talk with the members of your fraternity and make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to helping brothers.

When all the brothers feel they can rely on one another, it not only strengthens those friendships, it strengthens the fraternity as a whole. These positive influences help to portray your fraternity as one of the must joins when the new recruits hit campus next year.


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