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3 Signs Why You Should Invest In Fraternity

November 4, 2020 by admin_fb

Should I Join a Fraternity?”;”Animal House. Van Wilder. Old School. These movies offer a glimpse into the exhilaration of fraternity life. You may be thinking, ‚ÄúThose are just movies. Are fraternities really that great?‚Äù Simply put, YES!

There are many good reasons to join a fraternity. Among them are a fantastic social network (not you, Zuckerberg), a sense of community, and brotherhood and camaraderie.

Do you remember the anxiety and nervousness you had when your parents moved to a new city and you had to join a new school? You wanted to make new friends but you didn’t know anyone. You got strange looks because you were the new kid. You ate lunch alone.

enjoyable experience

It was not an enjoyable experience. This can be the same situation you experience when enter a university. The environment is completely new. The people are unfamiliar.

How are you supposed to make friends?

That’s where the vast network of fraternities comes in. When you join a fraternity, you immediately have a group of friends who share similar interests with you. The worry of sitting alone in the cafeteria or the boredom of sitting alone in your dorm room on a Saturday night will be things of the past. Your new friends will make sure of that.

While the parties and the friendships that come along with fraternities will make your college life enjoyable, fraternities are not all about the exciting Greek life. Fraternities also do a lot of good in the community.

With prospects such as providing and receiving mentoring and leadership opportunities and helping charities to raise money, fraternities help their members to help their communities.

This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to improve yourself and continue your growth and maturation, as is expected of you during college. What is more, this sense of community not only helps you during your time in college, but also extends for years after graduation.

Finally, there is a sense of brotherhood that comes with fraternities that is unparalleled by any other organization. As Vince Vaughn suggests, “Band of Brothers, watch it.” When you are figuratively pinned down in a foxhole, you will need someone to have your back.

There is no one you can trust more that your frat brothers. Knowing you have brothers that will help you in your times of need (and in college, there will be plenty of these times) will help put your mind at ease.

So, when you walk onto your campus for the first time, ready to start your journey into adulthood, don’t make that journey alone. Make it with some of the best friends and brothers you will ever have.

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