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3 Common Greek Formal Planning Mistakes to Avoid

October 29, 2020 by admin_fb

A greek formal is one of the most memorable occasions for college students, and event organizers are under a lot of pressure to deliver the perfect event. When everything goes right, everyone is satisfied with the selected destination, and the event runs smoothly. However, getting everything to go right is harder than it sounds, and event organizers often make things worse by making simple mistakes while planning. Here are four greek formal planning mistakes to avoid, and how Formal Builder can help you plan the perfect greek formal event.

Choosing a Destination Without Adequate Group Feedback

Going to an out-of-town destination is one of the factors that make greek formals so memorable. It’s vital to choose a destination that will get the members of the fraternity or sorority excited.

Making chapter members apart of the decision-making process can help them feel more invested in the trip. By speaking to the rest of the group, event organizers can find the greek formal destination that’s most popular with the group.

The discussion could even help planners discover good options they hadn’t considered. Formal Builder has a voting system that the planner can use once the choices have been narrowed.

Not Researching Venues Thoroughly

Greek formal planners need to research the venues they plan to use for their event. Size isn’t everything, so organizers can’t assume that a location with enough space for the group has all the features they’ll need. Kitchen facilities, audio/visual capabilities, stage size, and other factors need to be considered when choosing a venue.

To get this part of the process right, greek formal organizers need to know how they plan on using a place and which venues at their destination meet those needs. Formal Builder has a venue search tool that makes it easier for planners to find facilities with exact features they need to host the event.

Waiting Too Late to Start Collecting Money

Greek formals can be costly for the individual members, depending on where they go and if they’re staying overnight. Formal Builder offers package deals for popular greek formal destinations to make amazing trips more affordable for everyone.

By collecting money from members over time, organizers can get the funds for the trip without asking members to give up too much at once.

The more time they have, the lower the payments can be, which is helpful for college students who have limited means during the school year. Waiting too late could make the payments unaffordable for members, which could quickly derail a trip.

One of the advantages of using Formal Builder is that our package deals make it easier to set up affordable payments. Furthermore, we don’t require sororities and fraternities to pay the entire event cost until late in the process, so there’s more time to gather funds.

If you’re planning a greek formal, using Formal Builder is the smart way to make the best choices and get the lowest prices. If you have any questions about using Formal Builder to plan your next trip for a fraternity or sorority, send us a message online.

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